The internet is the main source of information in todays market. We advertise with and and with up to date reports we can monitor online activity of all our properties advising our clients accordingly. The internet accounts for 80% of our enquiries and we see this as an integral form of marketing.
Before the internet the newspaper was the only medium in which to sell. It now plays a secondary role. We advertise with the Limerick Post which is considered Limerick’s most popular free newspaper with a circulation of over 50,000 copies per week. According to the latest circulation figures from the industry body the Limerick Post maintains its position as the highest circulation newspaper in Limerick city and county.

We also advertise with the Limerick Leader which has served the people of Limerick and the Mid-West for more than 125 years. For many years the Limerick Leader has had the most popular provincial newspaper websites in the country.

80% of buyers will purchase a property within 10km of where they are originally from. It makes sense then that a sign that stands out helps to attract buyers. Our signs are unique and it only takes a casual glance for people to recognise our signs. This helps them to find your property because they know which website to go to and which agent to look for.
We collect buyers every day. Our clients get to hear ab out a new property before anyone else; they have the advantage. So if you have a property to sell we can email or contract our clients at the touch of a button and invariably the next move is …. SOLD!
Our sale brochures are of a high standard. We have the latest digital printers allowing us to produce professional A5, A4 or A3 booklet style colour brochures.