When you engage Team Quane you can expect significantly higher levels of customer service than you might expect elsewhere. This document represents my absolute and unwavering commitment to all aspects of client care.

we personally commit to, where reasonably possible, to provide you with…

  • Written confirmation of my professional fees and ancillary costs in advance so that you can budget your outlay precisely and avoid any nasty surprises.
  • Real-time, accurate pricing information in order to assist you make an informed decision regarding the ‘List Price’ of your home. We do not price based on supposition, nationality or inaccuracy. Unlike other practices, we will not ‘bid’ for your listing or create unrealistic or unachievable expectations.
  • Will customise a marketing plan for your home to ensure that the maximum amount of exposure is generated for your property. This marketing plan will be comprehensive and include elements that are not made available by our competitors.
  • We will provide you with presentation tips for your home to maximise its appeal to potential purchasers.
  • We will qualify all interest in your home in an attempt to avoid unnecessary inconvenience by accommodating ‘tyre kickers’!
  • All potential buyers will be provided with the opportunity to inspect your home by singular agreed appointment. We do not squander potential buyers by subjecting them to multiple viewings.
  • We will provide you with regular feedback from viewings.
  • We will communicate with you regularly and in a proactive fashion. Regardless of progress, you can expect a personal phone call at least weekly. All bids will be reported to you immediately. Any changes in market circumstances will also be brought  to your attention. Consequently, you will be informed and involved at all stages of the process and therefore in a position to make all decisions in an empowered manner.
  • We will handle all bids in a transparent, unbiased and ethical manner. As policy, we retain written bid logs to ensure that the bidding process is as clear and fair as possible.
  • We will negotiate strongly on your behalf so as to achieve the most favourable conditions of sale available.
  • Once a sale agreement is in place, we will communicate regularly with all parties’ solicitors in an effort to ensure that your transaction completes in a timely fashion. Whilst I cannot control the conveyancing process, I will remain involved and act as an advocate of your interests.
  • We will provide you with moving tips that will assist in making your relocation as stress free as possible.

In summation, we will do everything possible to achieve the best price, in the shortest time with as little inconvenience possible to you. It Is with this in mind that we have produced this service charter.  As far as we can ascertain, none of our competitors’ agents will  provide you with a written service agreement as comprehensive  as this one.